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How to Clean Ceramic Foam Filter Plate?

Aug. 31, 2022

How to clean ceramic foam filter plate?


Ceramic filter plate is a new type of filter media made of corundum iron and silicon carbide through special process. As a core component of ceramic filter machine, ceramic filter plate has been widely used in the filtration and dewatering of iron ore concentrate, zinc concentrate, sulfur concentrate, copper concentrate, nickel concentrate, molybdenum concentrate, lead concentrate, tungsten concentrate, manganese concentrate, vanadium ore, aluminum concentrate, metallic concentrate, non-metal concentrate and solid-liquid separation in coal, fine chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, foodstuff, environmental protection and other industries.


Ceramic filter plates are most likely to encounter two problems, namely rupture and plugging. Rupture will lead to vacuum distortion and poor cleaning; plugging will lead to poor pulp absorption or even no pulp absorption. If you suspect that the ceramic filter plate is plugged, you can moderately strengthen the cleaning (such as shortening the cleaning cycle, extending the cleaning time, increasing the amount of nitric acid, etc.), and if the effect still does not improve after strengthening the cleaning, you should consider the end of its life and replace it with a new ceramic filter plate.


Ceramic filter cleaning in two parts: backwash water cleaning (also useful gas) and joint cleaning, cleaning purpose is to plug the hole of the particles out of the ceramic filter plate. Backflush water cleaning direct visual inspection of the water filter after the water pressure can be, generally between 0.08 - 0.12MPa, such as below 0.05MPa, the flushing effect is poor or even no flushing effect, thus causing blockage accumulation eventually lead to ceramic filter plate plugging hole scrapped. Timely replacement of the filter element and to ensure that the water pressure before filtration can provide a stable backwashing water pressure. Joint cleaning is the use of ultrasonic vibration, nitric acid dissolution and other methods to maximize the removal of backwash blockage, general ceramic filtration every 8 hours of continuous work should stop cleaning 1 hour, such as the use of old plates or poor suction slurry effect, can moderately strengthen the cleaning (such as shortening the cleaning cycle, extend the cleaning time, increase the amount of nitric acid, etc.).


How to Clean Ceramic Foam Filter Plate?cid=3

The main characteristics of ceramic filter plate cleaning are as follows:


1, filtration precision covering fine filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis.


2, high mechanical strength, stable chemical properties, good wear resistance, small resistance, anti-clogging, easy backflushing.


3, high efficiency, high yield, uniform and stable filtration pore size


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How to Clean Ceramic Foam Filter Plate?cid=3

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