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Fiberglass Filtration Mesh

Fiberglass Filtration Mesh

High Silica Fiberglass Filter Mesh For Steel Iron And Copper

High Silica Fiberglass Filter Mesh is weaved by high-silicon, high-strength glass fiber yarn through twisting, interweaving, and special imported heat-resistant coating material chemical treatment, through high temperature composite, cutting, sewing, decontamination, fine repair to the finished product. 

The thick type silica mesh filters are capable of withstanding pouring temperature up to 1620℃. 


High Silica Fiberglass Filter Mesh is an ideal filtration material for in-mold filtration of gray, malleable, white, compacted graphite and ductile cast irons, as well as non-ferrous aluminum and copper-based metal alloys and many types of small scale steel casting filtration.

It can effectively remove slag, refractory particles and non-metallic inclusions from molten metals. 

Besides the function of molten metal filters, it could be also used for riser knock-off or de-gating knock-off. Investment casters have also placed the perform cup shape filters in the wax mold gating system to filter metal at pattern entry.

We, Hebei Cangchen-Your Specialist for Foundry Accessories, who can help you with individual custom-made all shapes of High Silica Fiberglass Filter Meshes.

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High Silica Fiberglass Filter Mesh For Steel Iron And Copper

TypeHigh Silica Fiberglass Filter Mesh For Steel Iron And Copper
Work Temperature≤1620℃
Softening Temperature1700℃
Continuous Working Hours<10 Min.(1400-1450℃)
<4 Min.(1450-1560℃)
<15 Seconds.(1560-1620℃)
Gas Emit≤60cm 3/g
Weight520-580 g/m2
Hole Size1.5*1.5/2.0*2.0/2.5*2.5mm
Weave PatternMock Leno

In casting production, the rejection rate of castings is 50 to 60% due to casting problems such as non-metallic inclusions. The inclusions not only reduce mechanical properties of the casting, but also has a great influence on processability and appearance. In order to obtain good quality castings, it is an important technical measure that the purification of liquid casting alloys, reducing or filtering various non-metallic inclusions. And also, the use of High Silica Fiberglass Filter Mesh has become an important auxiliary material for purification of liquid casting alloys.

High Silica Fiberglass Filter Mesh For Steel Iron And Copper


● It can reduce casting impurities by half and the scrap rate.

● Filter out impurities, reduce the adverse effects of impurities on the structure and properties of casting alloys, and improve the material properties of castings.

● Improve the machining performance of castings.

● Improve process yield.

● The impurities are filtered out, the secondary oxidation is reduced, and the surface quality of the casting is improved.

High Silica Fiberglass Fabric Filter Mesh Key Points of Usage:

1. Use area of filter net: F1 = F2 / AxB

● F1: the cross-sectional area of the casting system. 

 F2: the original cross-sectional area of the casting system.

 A: the porosity of the filter screen, generally 50-60%. 

 B: the filtration rate of filter screen, generally 60-80%.

Therefore, the cross-sectional area of the casting system is generally 2-4 times that of the casting system without the casting net.

2. Position of filter screen:

 Place the filter under the sprue cup;

● Placed on the parting surface under the sprue;

● Three different positions on the lap surface of the runner.

High Silica Fiberglass Filter Mesh For Steel Iron And Copper

The mechanism of filtering metal liquid by Fiberglass filter mesh:

 Rectifier mechanism: The filter is placed in the pouring process, the metal liquid is increased the resistance during pouring, changes the flow state, and makes the metal liquid slowly flow into the cast cavity, which is not easy to bring eddy current, the filling is stable, the secondary oxidation and slag inclusion are reduced, which is conducive to the floating of inclusions and the slag blocking function of the pouring system.

 Mechanical filtration: There are a large number of inclusions in liquid metal, slag and other large impurities, through the selection of suitable aperture filter to filter out inclusions larger than the aperture size by mechanical methods.

 Double filtration: During the mechanical filtration, the filter net captures many inclusions larger than the aperture and with the increase of the number of inclusions, the double filtration is formed at the entrance of the filter screen. The double filtration make the liquid metal flow fine and have the function of filtering. The liquid metal can be filtered twice.

 Adsorption: The filter mesh has a large specific surface area, the liquid metal flow through the filter is divided into a small liquid flow unit, then the contact area of the liquid metal and the filter medium is increased. The chemical reaction between harmful elements and oxides in the metal melt and the filter surface is adsorbed on the filter mesh surface.


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