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Fiberglass Filtration Mesh

Fiberglass Filtration Mesh

Fiberglass Cap Filter For Aluminium Filtration

The Cap-Style Fiberglass Filter Mesh

● Weaved with special high-twist & high-strength alkali-free fiberglass yarn

● Coated by special resin

● Special post-treatment under high temperature carbonized

● Smokeless & Odorless & Flameless during whole use process

With one or two staples or not can be customized

● Individual custom-made products according to client's drawing and samples

Two models:

● Normal yellow(brown) color type (without high temperature carbonization)

● Black color type (with high temperature carbonization)

Widely used in automobile and motorcycle wheels, cylinder pistons, aluminum rods, ingots and plates and precision casting of all types of aluminum alloy casting.


Why are Cap Filters so widely used?

First of all, it is imperative to reduce the waste of resources in the metal industry. It can effectively reduce more than half of the slag, impurities caused by the waste phenomenon. This is also the main reason for the wide use of filters, also the main trend.

Secondly, it can effectively remove non-metallic inclusions in liquid metal, which is also a big use of cap filter. It can significantly improve the casting structure and mechanical properties, so that the casting quality is higher, better quality, reduce the rejection rate, reduce tool wear.

Thirdly, Cap Casting filter is not only used to reduce casting porosity, but also can effectively reduce casting surface defects and increase process yield. It can effectively screen and adsorb small pre-slag, so that the quality of metal castings is better, the performance is better, to create high-quality castings.

Fiberglass Cap Filter For Aluminium Filtration

Production process of fiberglass cap filter

Hot press set shape    &    Side cut trimming

●  All shapes can be customized according to clients' requirements

Fiberglass Cap Filter For Aluminium Filtration

TypeFiberglass Cap Filter For Aluminum
ModelsNormal yellow(brown) color(without high temperature carbonization)
Black color(with high temperature carbonization)
Work Temperature700-800℃
Softening Temperature900℃
Continuous Working Hours<20Min.(700-800℃)
Gas Emit≤30cm 3/g
Weight150-350 g/m2
Hole Size0.8*0.8/1.0*1.0/1.2*1.2/1.5*1.5/2.0*2.0/2.5*2.5mm
Weave PatternLeno

Position of Fiberglass Filter Mesh:

● Place the filter under the sprue cup;

● Placed on the parting surface under the sprue;

● Three different positions on the lap surface of the runner.

Fiberglass Cap Filter For Aluminium Filtration


● Effectively remove impurities

● Reduce turbulence and eliminate air bubbles

● Improve the quality of castings and reducing costs

● Does not pollute the aluminum liquid

● Does not affect the chemical properties of the metal

● Aluminum waste containing the filter mesh, aluminum liquid from sprue and the riser can be directly returned to the furnace for remelting

What is use temperature of fiberglass cap filter?

Firstly, It is divided into working temperature and softening temperature.

● The working temperature is 700~800 ° C.

● The softening temperature is 900 ° C.

We need to choose the suitable filter according to the different pouring temperatures of liquid aluminum, rather than let the filter working temperature affect the pouring temperature of the liquid metal in turn, which will cause more casting defects and lose the meaning of filtration.

Secondly, the reasons for the change of fiberglass cap filter temperature:

● The initial temperature of liquid aluminum is too low. This is a more common reason.

● The design of pouring system is unreasonable. The heat dissipation is too fast, or the metal is not preheated, so that the metal liquid is sharply cooled in the process of entering the cavity.

● Operation error. The initial overheating temperature reservation is too high. As far as possible to ensure that the casting process meticulous specification is the main way to solve the problem.

Fiberglass Cap Filter For Aluminium Filtration


Filtration of molten aluminium.

Filtration for automobile and motorcycle wheels, cylinder pistons.

Filtration for aluminum rods, ingots and plates.

Filtration for precision casting of all types of aluminum alloy casting.

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