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Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic Foam Filter

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter

SIC (silicon carbide) ceramic foam filters are developed and manufactured for the filtration of cast iron and non ferrous alloys. 

As the most advanced filter type with the higher filtration efficiency, It can effectively reduce inclusions and turbulence of molten metal, ensuring purified molten metal goes into the mould cavity with improved flow rates.


Silicon carbide are suitable for the casting of all copper alloys and cast iron because of its high strength, resistance to high temperature impact force and chemical corrosion and operating temperature 1530°C. 

SIC Ceramic foam filters can significantly improve the quality of cast iron parts and reduce the rejection rate. They can also be used in continuous casting and rolling processes and can be manufactured to different sizes and thicknesses depending on the runner and pouring weight.

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter

Features of SIC ceramic foam filter

  • As a new type of inorganic non-metallic filtration material for internal structure, silicon carbide ceramic foam filter has the advantages of light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, simple regeneration, long service life, and good filtration adsorption.

  • Silicon carbide ceramic foam filter can be compacted by sanctuary under normal pressure. It can be compacted without high pressure and inert atmosphere, reducing the production cost of the enterprise.

  • Adding a proper sintering assistant will reduce the sintering temperature of SIC ceramic foam filter. When sintering, it can reduce the oxidation of silicon carbide on the surface of foam and improve the overall performance of foam ceramics.

  • Silicon carbide ceramic foam filter is not easily corroded by acid -base when filtering, and does not pollute the filtered metal liquid. It can be reused after use, which does not reduce filtration efficiency and greatly reduce corporate costs.

SIC ceramic foam filter is mainly used for filtering of aluminum and aluminum alloy in the casting plant and casting plant.

With its excellent anti -melting aluminum erosion and corrosion capabilities, they can effectively remove mixed objects, reduce retention gas, and provide layer flow. The filtered metal is obviously cleaner. Clean metals will bring higher-quality castings, less waste and fewer miscellaneous defects, which will help improve profits.

SIC (silicon carbide) ceramic foam filters with Paper Gasket

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter

TypeSIC ceramic foam filter for iron & copper
Work Temperature≤1500℃
ColorGray Black
PPI8/10/15/20/25/30PPI(PPI=pores per inch)
Compressive strength≥1.0Mpa(Room temperature)
Bulk Density0.36-0.5g/cm3
Thermal Shock Resistance1200℃---room temperature 3 times

Normal Specifications:

Spec./mmMax.filter capacity/KgNormal flow of metal liquid Kg/s
Ductile IronGrey Cast IronDuctile IronGrey Cast Iron

All dimensions can be customized according to clients' requirements!


Filtration of Molten Steel and Alloy

Large Scale Iron Casting

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