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Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic Foam Filter Plate For Casting Aluminium

Ceramic foam filter (plateis organic foam sponge with three-dimensional network structure and connected pores is used as the carrier, which is infiltrated into the special ceramic slurry with thixotropy, and a special rolling process is adopted to make the ceramic slurry evenly spread on the skeleton of the carrier, and then finished by roasting at high temperature after drying curing.

There are two types Edge Covering:

1. Asbestos---Normal

2. Expanded Vermiculite---Superior


Commonly used in production of aluminum and aluminum alloys, also widely used in ordinary sand casting, such as wet mold casting, and fixed mold casting, such as automotive aluminum parts casting. 

Normal Dimensions: 178×178×50mm, 230×230×50mm, 305×305×50mm, 381×381×50mm, 432×432×50mm, 508×508×50mm, 584×584×50mm, a total of seven main specifications of foam ceramics Filter plate products.

A selection range of 10ppi coarse porosity to 50ppi very fine porosity, so there will always be a product standard that suits your requirements. Both ordinary sizes and special sizes required by customers can meet the requirements.

Physical Performance Indicators

Edge CoveringAsbestos---Normal
Expanded Vermiculite---Superior
AL2O3 Content  ≥83% 
Porosity ≥85% 
Proportion 0.3g/cm³-0.45g/cm³ 
Refractory temperature ≥1500℃ 
Bending strength >0.5Mpa 
Thermal shock resistance 750℃/5times 
SolubilityUnder the temperature of metal aluminum and aluminum alloy solution, the filter equipment will not chemically react with the solution and dissolve.

Technical Data Sheet

Dimension(mm)Tolerance(mm)Thickness(mm)Rake AngleTortuosity(mm)Diagonal LineEffective Filtration Area(%)Filtration Flow Range(Kg/min.)
 12"/(305*305*50)  ±3  50±1 17.5°+1°  Max.4<1% of side length8252-158
 15"/(381*381*50) ±3 50±1  17.5°+1°  Max.4<1% of side length8686-255
 17"/(432*432*50)  ±3 50±1 17.5°+1°  Max.4<1% of side length87112-345
 20"/(508*508*50)  ±4  50±1  17.5°+1°  Max.4<1% of side length89158-480
 23"/(584*584*50) ±4 50±1  17.5°+1°  Max.4<1% of side length91212-645

*Remarks: There are no cracks and obvious defects on the surface, no slag, and sealing cotton around it, the thickness is 7mm-10mm.

Quality Assessment Factor

1. Transmittance---Light transmittance refers to the effective filtering area of the foam ceramic filter plate product. The higher the transmittance, the fewer blind holes, the more effective filter holes (display holes), and the better the filtering effect.

2. Porosity---Porosity refers to the percentage of the total volume of pores in the filter plate product to the total volume of the filter plate product. The porosity determines the filtration capacity of the foam ceramic filter plate per unit volume. The larger the porosity, the greater the filtration flow of the filter plate and the stronger the filtration capacity, and vice versa.

3. Pore uniformity---Pore uniformity is used to describe the difference between the actual number of pores per 25.4mm length in the filter plate product and the theoretically required number of pores. The smaller the gap, the better the product quality. If the gap is too large, the filter plate product will reduce the retention capacity of impurities or the filtration speed of the melt is too slow, which cannot meet the individual requirements of users in production. The size of the pore uniformity mainly depends on the foam used in the production of the filter plate. The pore uniformity of the foam is good, and the pore uniformity of the filter plate is good, so the selection of the foam is extremely important.

4. Compressive strength---The higher the compressive strength, the more durable the product, the better the quality, and vice versa.


Filtration of molten aluminium.

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