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How To Use Fiberglass Fabric Filter Bags

Sep. 11, 2022

Fiberglass Fabric Filter Bags is also named Fiberglass Filtration Pouch, Molten Aluminium Shunt Combo Channel Bags. Woven by fiberglass yarn coated with special resin.

Its normal dimensions: 120x150x300mm, 120x150x330mm, 140x150x450mm, all can be customized.

Mesh openning: 5mesh, 7mesh, 8mesh, 9mesh, 10mesh, 12mesh, 14mesh, 16mesh, 18mesh, 20mesh, 25mesh, and special specifications can be customized.

How To Use Fiberglass Fabric Filter Bags

Its main function: To filter and evenly distribute molten aluminum in molds.

How To Use Fiberglass Fabric Filter Bags

Let's take a look at the general principles of use as follows:

1. The closer the placement position is to the casting cavity, the better effect is, the better reducing the probability of secondary oxidation. The location where the casting filter is usually placed in the gating system: the lower end of sprue, the runner, the inner runner, and the sprue cup. 

2. The design of the gating system should be simple, and other slag blocking measures may not be considered, which can improve the utilization rate of the sand mold and the yield of the process. 

3. The aluminium pouring speed cannot be controlled with an fiberglass filter bag.

4. The working area of fiberglass filter diversion bag should be 4 times to 6 times to the blocking section of the pouring system to ensure that the pouring speed is not affected.

5. Select the corresponding filtration products according to the type of casting alloy and pouring temperature, and it should not be used at excessive temperature.

6. Select the filter screen with the appropriate aperture to truly achieve the filtering effect.

Hebei Cangchen Company has obtained ISO Certificate, we can produce all kinds of above bags for you according to your drawings or samples, any need, please contact us and leave us a message.

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+86 158 3011 4065

+86 158 3011 4065

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