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What Should I Pay Attention to when Using Fiberglass Filters

Sep. 14, 2022

The correct use and timely replacement of temperature-resistant glass fiber filter is important. Temperature-resistant glass fiber filter is an important filtering medium, if the filtering medium is not used correctly, or the filtering medium is damaged, it cannot continue the filtering work. In doing this part of the work need to pay attention to what kind of things? Let Cangchen tell you.


The use of glass fiber filter


Glass fiber filters trap excess paint from the painting system, avoiding paint stains on equipment, preventing damage to painted surfaces and protecting the outside environment. Filtering paint particles in the room to reduce exhaust pollution, glass fiber filters are generally used in dry painting spray booths, dry painting systems for automobiles, furniture, mechanical parts and workshop paint mist filtration or kitchen fume filtration.


Precautions for the use of temperature-resistant glass fiber filters.


If you want to use temperature resistant fiberglass filter correctly, you must know what are the contraindications of using temperature resistant fiberglass filter. Only by avoiding these problems during use, you can use the temperature resistant fiberglass filter more smoothly.


Cannot operate for a long time

You must pay attention to the fact that you cannot operate the equipment for a long time with work that exceeds the strength of the temperature-resistant fiberglass filter, otherwise it will definitely lead to a shortened service life of the temperature-resistant fiberglass filter in the long run and break down quickly so that it can no longer be used.


Avoid long time high temperature

The next thing is to pay attention to the working temperature, if the working temperature exceeds the upper limit of temperature resistance of temperature-resistant glass fiber filter screen, it will also affect the service life of the screen. Again, pay attention to the condition of the temperature-resistant glass fiber filter at work. It is impossible to work on the filter without paying attention to the condition of the temperature-resistant glass fiber filter.


Need to work according to the operation specification

The work, due to various problems, may affect the temperature-resistant glass fiber filter, if not timely adjustment of the work, will also affect the life of the filter, or even direct damage to the temperature-resistant glass fiber filter.


Timely replacement

If it is found that the temperature-resistant fiberglass filter reaches the critical point of its life, or the temperature-resistant fiberglass filter is saturated, the filter needs to be replaced immediately to make the next filter run smoothly. In order to replace a temperature-resistant fiberglass filter, a new filter must first be prepared.


High Temp Carbonized Fiberglass Mesh Filter

Cangchen glass fiber filter can effectively remove impurities, reduce turbulence and eliminate air bubbles, thus improving the quality of castings and reducing costs. At the same time, it does not pollute the aluminum liquid and affect the chemical properties of the metal.


Next, disassemble the filtering equipment, disassemble it reasonably to avoid damage to the filtering equipment and filter, and again follow the correct process to replace and install it, then test run the filtering equipment.

What Should I Pay Attention to when Using Fiberglass Filters

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