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Fiberglass Filtration Mesh

Fiberglass Filtration Mesh

Silica Mesh Filter For Foundry Filtration

High silica fiberglass mesh filters are weaved with high silica fiberglass yarn and coated with a phenolic resin, a smokeless carbonized treatment or high temperature ceramic.

Our silica mesh filters offer multiple benefits for foundries. 



It can effectively remove slag, refractory particles and non-metallic inclusions from molten metals. 

Made from specially treated silica yarns, the thick type silica mesh filters are capable of withstanding pouring temperature up to 1620℃. 

Silica mesh filter are ideal for in-mold filtration of gray, malleable, white, compacted graphite and ductile cast irons, as well as non-ferrous aluminum and copper-based metal alloys and many types of small scale steel casting filtration. 

Besides the function of molten metal filters, it could be also used for riser knock-off or de-gating knock-off. 

Investment casters have also placed the perform cup shape filters in the wax mold gating systerm to filter metal at pattern entry.

Silica Mesh Filter For Foundry Filtration


1. Low cost and easy to use

2. Improves fluidity and metal distribution

3. Removes micron sized inclusions and impurities

4. Can be used with existing pattern equipment

5. Reduce turbulence

6. Minimize gating system to reduce cost

TypeHigh Silica Fiberglass Fabric Filter Mesh For Steel Iron And Copper
Work Temperature≤1620℃
Softening Temperature1700℃
Continuous Working Hours<10 Min.(1400-1450℃)
<4 Min.(1450-1560℃)
<15 Seconds.(1560-1620℃)
Gas Emit≤60cm 3/g
Weight520-580 g/m2
Hole Size1.5*1.5/2.0*2.0/2.5*2.5mm
Weave PatternMock Leno

Key Points of Usage

1. Use area of filter net: F1 = F2 / AxB

● F1: the cross-sectional area of the casting system. 

● F2: the original cross-sectional area of the casting system.

● A: the porosity of the filter screen, generally 50-60%. 

● B: the filtration rate of filter screen, generally 60-80%.

Therefore, the cross-sectional area of the casting system is generally 2-4 times that of the casting system without the casting net.

2. Position of filter screen:

● Place the filter under the sprue cup;

● Placed on the parting surface under the sprue;

● Three different positions on the lap surface of the runner.

Silica Mesh Filter For Foundry Filtration


1.What is high silica fiberglass filter mesh?

High silica fiberglass filter mesh is a high temperature resistant inorganic fiber material. It removes impurities from molten metal. If you need to do small castings, choosing a high-silica glass fiber filter can fully meet your needs.

2.Can high silica fiberglass filter mesh withstand high temperatures?

The high-silica glass fiber filter can work continuously at a temperature of 1000 °C and short-term temperature resistance of 1400 °C. It is an excellent inorganic material with high-temperature resistance, heat insulation, and heat preservation.

3.How is high silica fiberglass filter mesh made?

The high silica glass fiber filter mesh is a filter mesh woven with high-silica glass fiber. The surface of the high silica glass fiber filter mesh is coated with a high-temperature resistant coating. Finally, a filter mesh with a certain rigidity is produced.

4.How to use high silica fiberglass filter mesh?

The high silica fiberglass filter mesh can be used to filter and purify impurities in metal smelting and casting.

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