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Fiberglass Filtration Mesh

Fiberglass Filtration Mesh

Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh

Fiberglass Fabric Filter Cloth is specially developed and used for filtration, turbulence reduction and flow distribution improvement of non-ferrous alloys, especially molten aluminium.

There are kinds of product series with advanced technology and stable quality. 

Compared with other types of filters, fiberglass casting filters are cheap, easy to use, do not change the metal composition of the casting, have a good slag filtering effect and have low gas generation.


Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh is woven with special high-twist & high-strength alkali-free fiberglass yarn, coated with a special resin, carbonized by high temperature and special post-treatment. The maximum temperature resistance can reach 900 ℃. 

Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh

New patented product "smokeless and odorless filter mesh"

● Effectively remove impurities,

● Reduce turbulence and eliminate air bubbles, thereby improving the quality of castings and reducing costs. 

● Does not pollute the aluminum liquid and affect the chemical properties of the metal.

● Aluminum waste containing the filter mesh, aluminum liquid from the sprue and the riser can be directly returned to the furnace for remelting, greatly reducing costs.

Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh

We are offering our clients supreme quality fiberglass fabric filtration mesh that is cloth woven with fiberglass yarn. Widely used in automobile and motorcycle wheels, cylinder pistons, aluminum rods, aluminum materials, aluminum ingots, aluminum plates and precision casting of all types of aluminum alloy casting. Further, this suitable filtration medium has excellent dimensional stability, temperature resistance and the lowest elongation. We can also customize this product as per the requirements of clients.

Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh

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Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh Technical Parameters:

TypeFiberglass Filter Cloth in roll for aluminum filtration
Yarn typeE-glass fiberglass
Weave typeLeno & plain
Width/roll0.9m/1.0m  ± 1cm and customized
Length/roll100m/150m/200m and customized
Mesh opening0.8*0.8/1.0*1.0/1.2*1.2/1.5*1.5/2.0*2.0/2.5*2.5mm and customized
CoatingNo CoatingWhite color and soft fabric
Coating with a special resinBrown color and hard fabric
Work Temperature700-900℃
Softening Temperature900℃
Continuous Working Hours<20Min.(700-800℃)
Gas Emit≤30cm 3/g
Loss on ignition≤3%


Features and Functions of Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh:

● Carbonized by High Temperature

● Coated with special resin

● Smokeless & Odorless & Flameless

● Effectively remove impurities, reduce turbulence and eliminate air bubbles from molten aluminium

● Improving the quality of castings and reducing costs

● The aluminium filtered by this mesh can be recycled again

● It is environment-friendly products

● All shapes can be customized according to clients' requirements

Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh Production Process:

Why Choose Cangchen Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh?

● Cangchen Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh is available in a wide variety of shapes and shapes. You can choose from a variety of fiberglass filter mesh.

● Cangchen Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh is of high quality and low price. You won't have to worry about delivery because it's fast. It has sturdy and beautiful packaging.

● Cangchen Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh is experienced. We can guide you on how to choose and use it.

● In addition to fiberglass filters, Cangchen also has ceramic foam filters, and honeycomb ceramic filters to meet your various filtration options.

What are you waiting for? Come and contact Cangchen to leave your inquiry about fiberglass fabric filtration mesh.

Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh Installation Guide:

● Place the filter under the sprue cup;

● Placed on the parting surface under the sprue;

● Three different positions on the lap surface of the runner.

Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh


Fiberglass Fabric Filtration Mesh

Fiberglass fabric filtration mesh is an ideal filter material for various metal melts. 

It can also be used for the filtration of chemical corrosive liquids and high temperature gases.

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