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Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Plate For Aluminum Ingots Billets slabs

Jan. 08, 2024

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Plate is a kind of foam material made from high purity alumina, which is adopted organic foam sponge with three-dimensional network structure and connected pores is used as the carrier, which is infiltrated into the special ceramic slurry with thixotropy, and a special rolling process is adopted to make the ceramic slurry evenly spread on the skeleton of the carrier, and then finished by roasting at high temperature after drying curing.

The foam ceramics have the characteristics of uniform porosity, high temperature resistance, heat shock resistance, wear resistance and chemical stability. 

Usually, there are three types Edge Covering and two sides cutting:

Edge CoveringSide Cutting
Asbestos-NormalRight-angle Side
Fiber Paper-NormalBevel Edge
Expanded Vermiculite-SuperiorRound Edge

1. Three types Edge Covering

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Plate For Aluminum Ingots Billets slabs

2. Two Sides Cutting

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Plate For Aluminum Ingots Billets slabs

Why use Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Plate in the process of aluminum liquid?

There are many reasons for aluminum pollution:

● In the smelting process, aluminum is exposed to the furnace atmosphere in a molten or semi-molten state, easy to oxidize, easy to react with water vapor and absorb hydrogen, easy to form various forms of non-metallic slag (such as furnace lining debris, chloride, carbide in flux, etc.) and coarse metal intercompound particles and so on. 

● Part of the waste that makes up the charge brings some non-aluminum impurities into circulation.

● Because the waste comes from the factory of each process waste and waste and waste outside the plant, so the way is different, the composition is complex, the quality is poor. These impurities often make the billet produce bubbles and inclusions, which seriously affect the purity of the metal melt, and further affect the machining properties, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and the appearance quality of the product.

What can Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Plates do?

● Alumina foam ceramic filter plate can effectively remove all kinds of inclusions with fineness up to micron level in aluminum liquid, make aluminum liquid into a steady laminar flow, which is conducive to filling. 

● It has a unique mullite-corundum structure, good mechanical strength and chemical stability, excellent resistance to aluminum liquid erosion performance.

● It can obtain stable filtration effect by strict control of hole size and through hole rate.

● The ceramic foam filter plate is surrounded by a sealing ceramic fiber liner, which facilitates the seal of the filter plate in the filter box to ensure that there is no metal liquid sideflow.

Filtration process of aluminium liquid

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Plate For Aluminum Ingots Billets slabs

User Manual:

1. Clean filter box

2. Gently put the filter plate into the filter box, and press the sealing gasket around the filter plate by hand to prevent the flow of molten aluminum.

3. Evenly preheat the filter box and filter plate to make it close to the temperature of the molten aluminum. Preheat to remove moisture and facilitate initial instant filtration. Preheating can be carried out using electric or gas heating. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 15--30 minutes.

4. Pay attention to the change of the aluminum hydraulic head during casting. The normal initial pressure head is 100-150mm. When the molten aluminum begins to pass, the pressure head will drop below 75--100mm, and then the pressure head will gradually increase.

5. During the normal filtration process, avoid knocking and vibrating the filter plate. At the same time, the launder should be filled with molten aluminum to avoid too much disturbance of the aluminum liquid.

6. After filtration, take out the filter plate in time and clean the filter box.

The other applications of Alumina foam ceramic filter plate:

● Copper alloy casting filtration,

In the casting process of Non-ferrous metal melt (brass, bronze, zinc, tin) also will generate oxidation, non-metallic debris and a large number of waste products. It can greatly reduce the rate of scrap if use foam ceramic filter plate. 1.0 ~ 1.2mm mesh with cordierite material is best choice for the filtration of copper alloy.

● Catalyst carrier for vehicle exhaust purification processor

The foam ceramics have been widely used as the carrier of automobile exhaust catalytic purifier because of its large surface area, good thermal stability, wear resistance, resistance to poisoning and low density. 

The foam ceramic automobile exhaust catalytic purifier installed in the exhaust pipe of the gasoline car can make the harmful gas CO,HC,NOx discharged from the gasoline car into CO2, H2O,N2, the conversion rate can reach more than 90%; Used in diesel vehicles, carbon particle purification rate in more than 50%. When the foam ceramic filter element is full of carbon particles, catalytic oxidation method or electronic combustion method can be used to regenerate, constantly eliminate the deposited carbon particles, to achieve the purpose of long-term use.

 In special fields

The other applications under high temperature conditions, foam ceramics have excellent thermal radiation characteristics, which are used to enhance heat transfer and combustion technology in porous media with remarkable results. 

1. Foam ceramic can also be made into a photocatalyst carrier, coated with nano titanium dioxide on the foam ceramic carrier, excited by ultraviolet light, has strong photocatalytic oxidation and degradation characteristics, can catalyze the degradation of organic matter and microorganisms, so as to purify the air.

2. Foam ceramics can also be made into chemical tower packing, gas distribution materials, gas stove energy-saving combustion plate.

For more, please click here to get more about purify the air.

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