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Why choose Fiberglass Filtration Shunt Combo bag for aluminium filtration

Nov. 29, 2023

Fiberglass Filtration & Shunt Combo bag is weaved by special high-twist & high-strength alkali-free fiberglass yarn, special post-treatment, coated with phenolic resin and suitable "carbonized" by high temperature.

Why choose Fiberglass Filtration Shunt Combo bag for aluminium filtration

Why choose Fiberglass Filtration & Shunt Combo bag for aluminium filtration?

● Reduce the turbulence of metal flow and improve the temperature distribution throughout the mold volume.

● Filter the molten metal and decrease in non-metallic inclusions and oxide films in the liquid metal.

● Improve mechanical quality of aluminum casting product.

● Improve the hardness of aluminum casting product with more average surface hard and bending strength.

Comparing to other filter bags, it does not affect the component of aluminum alloy, and with good filtration effect, high temperature resistance, high strength, excellent acid and alkali resistance, non-stick aluminum, non-slagging, non-peeling, as well as easy installation.

Apply to filter and evenly distribute molten aluminum in molds.

Why choose Fiberglass Filtration Shunt Combo bag for aluminium filtration

The Benefit of Fiberglass Filtration Shunt Combo Bag Used for casting filtration:

● Fiberglass Filtration Shunt Combo Bag is used in sand casting, permanent mold, shell mold, draw mold and investment casting, which can remove impurities, reduce turbulence, eliminate air bubbles, thereby improve casting quality and reduce production costs.

● Does not pollute the liquid aluminum, does not affect the chemical properties of the metal, and the aluminium liquid can be directly remelt, thus the cost can be reduced greatly.

● The bag can withstand the liquid temperature of 700℃, it can be used continuously for 4 hours when the flow is not more than 10 kg/min, for 1.5 hours continuously when not more than 120 kg/min. 

● Ensure the removal of oxides or other debris suspended in the volume, remove the harmful impurities such as bubbles, ash oxides, and various inclusions in aluminum molten liquid, greatly improve the yield of aluminum castings, improve the quality of aluminum products, and avoid the problem of other metal components into aluminum solution, does not affect the composition of aluminum alloy, to ensure the quality of aluminum castings. 

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+86 158 3011 4065

+86 158 3011 4065

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